Did you know that acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medical care still used today? Acupuncture was first practiced in ancient China, but this treatment has since gone global and is still very popular in modern times. A skilled acupuncturist may be able to provide relief for personal injuries, back pain, headaches, and various other conditions. If you’re looking for acupuncture treatment or a chiropractor in Lorain County, including Sheffield, Elyria, and Sheffield Lake, contact Lorain Injury Center.


Acupuncture Treatment: Past and Present

Ancient Chinese acupuncturists believed that chi energy flowed through the body, and its flow could be blocked or disrupted. However, by placing acupuncture needles in the right place, they believed it would be possible to encourage the proper flow of energy and ensure balance. Many modern practitioners focus on the body’s natural healing mechanisms rather than Chi energy. However, the approach and results are much the same.

By inserting acupuncture needles at the right places in the body, it may be possible to spur the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Needles might encourage healthy blood flow, reduced inflammation, the release of endorphins, and various other things. They could also improve circulation and may relieve muscle tension, providing pain relief.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

Even if you don’t subscribe to beliefs in chi energy, you may find acupuncture to be an effective and relaxing treatment. Many patients report substantial improvements with headaches, slow-healing wounds, back and joint pain, and more.

Furthermore, since acupuncture seeks to resolve the root causes of your aches, it can reduce risks. Modern forms of pain treatment often center on pain medication. Unfortunately, many medications provide only temporary relief. Pain medication often works by blocking pain signals to the brain. The signals are still triggered, but they simply don’t reach your brain. Rather than blocking pain signals, it’s often better to resolve the underlying issue that is triggering them.

Resolving the underlying issue could mean using acupuncture to spur your body’s natural healing mechanisms. By resolving the root causes of your pain, you can reduce the risk of developing dependency on pain medications, which could improve your overall health and well-being in the long run and may reduce the risk of addiction.

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Acupuncture today can be performed in clean environments with sterile needles. This greatly reduces risks, so make sure you work with acupuncturists who take their job and make safety a priority. Are you looking for an acupuncturist near you? If you would like to work with an acupuncturist serving Lorain County, including Sheffield, Elyria, and Sheffield Lake, contact Lorain Injury Center. A chiropractor can also provide a variety of other holistic pain treatments that can be used to address many different health issues.

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