As you age, you may find that parts of the body hurt that didn’t before. When this happens, you do not have to just live with pain. If you live in the Lorain County OH, Sheffield, OH, Elyria, OH, or Sheffield Lake, OH, areas, visit Lorain Injury Center and live a better, pain-free life. 


What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve extends from your low back down each leg. This large nerve also covers your hips and buttocks. Sciatica occurs when this nerve is compressed. This nerve exists on both sides of the body, but usually, only one side is impacted at a time. The compression of the sciatic nerve causes inflammation, pain, and numbness going down the body, possibly into the feet and toes. 

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

While there are many causes of sciatica symptoms, there are a few common ones. These symptoms include pain in the lower back, pain in the back of the legs that increases when sitting, and pain in the hip. You may also feel burning or tingling going down the leg. You could have weakness or numbness in the leg or foot and may find you have difficulty moving your feet. You could have consistent pain in one of your buttocks. You could experience pain shooting down your leg that makes it difficult to stand up. 

Can a Chiropractor Provide Sciatica Treatment?

Chiropractic care can help the management of sciatic nerve pain that most likely impacts your life. While under chiropractic care, you will have your spine realigned to help remove the pressure of the spine and eliminate discomfort. A chiropractor can teach you strengthening exercises which may provide some relief. 

Why Choose Lorain Injury Center?

The staff at Lorain Injury Center believe that you don’t have to live in pain or discomfort. Regardless of what caused your condition, we are here to help you feel and move better. We can help you no matter what pain you have or where it’s located. We help you feel better fast. You no longer have to deal with back or neck pain, headaches, or muscle tension. Our treatment helps improve your quality of life so you can be happy and healthy.

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