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One of the most common causes of neck or lower back pain is a spinal disc issue. At Lorain Injury Center in Elyria, our chiropractor can offer chiropractic treatments like spinal decompression for disc degeneration. Bulging discs can be relieved by removing pressure off nerves, which will restore mobility, improve your quality of life, and provide you with necessary neck and back pain relief.


Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Treat Bulging Discs?

Bulging discs are caused when the soft center of your disc pushes through the crack. While some cause no symptoms at all, others may result in pain, numbness, or even weakness in the arm or leg. Extreme cases of these bulging discs may be caused by disk degenerative disease. However, not every bulging disc needs intervention; a visit with our professional chiropractor can determine what treatment will help alleviate your symptoms best in Lorain County.

First, we will examine the extent of your damage by assessing your spinal health. We will conduct different tests to check your strength, range of motion, weakness, reflexes, and sensations in different extremities. These tests will help us determine your diagnosis and what treatments you’ll benefit from the most.

Chiropractic Treatments for Bulging Discs

Bulging discs can cause extreme pain that is worsened by performing certain tasks. Our chiropractor offers several treatments that can offer back pain relief, including:

- Spinal decompression: During this treatment, your spine will be realigned to its proper position. This alone may help guide your discs back into place and relieve pain and discomfort.

- Spinal manipulation: During this treatment, the joints and muscles are moved so that they get their full range of motion again. This allows us to determine if your condition is limiting your mobility or flexibility in any way.

- Chiropractic adjustments: This realigns the spine and uses a fast movement to adjust the spine. It is relatively painless, and many patients in Lorain County OH feel relief almost immediately.

When you visit Lorain Injury Center, we will work with you to understand the root of your neck or back pain. We will create a custom treatment plan that helps relieve any symptoms you’re experiencing.

Allow Our Chiropractor to Improve Your Quality of Life

When you’re looking for relief from bulging discs or disk degenerative disease, spinal decompression, and other chiropractic treatments can help. Not only do they help with pain relief, but they also improve our patient’s quality of life too. We specialize in offering nonsurgical methods that help you to live comfortably. We can offer a diagnosis of your condition and treatments that will help you on the path to wellness.

Are you looking for a chiropractor near you? To schedule a visit to Lorain Injury Center to discuss back pain relief options, call our Lorain County office at 440-240-9390. We serve all of Sheffield, Elyria, and Sheffield Lake, OH.

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