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At Lorain Injury Center, we provide chiropractic care for residents of Lorain County to help address issues such as back pain and other joint problems. When you need a chiropractor in Sheffield, Elyria, or Sheffield Lake, we're here to help. A common spinal issue we assist with is disc degeneration. As a condition, disc degeneration can cause an assortment of health issues and lead to various problems with discs in the spine. A common issue encountered with disc degeneration is slipped discs, also called herniated discs; this condition can lead to back pain that a chiropractor can help with.


Signs of a Slipped Disc

A slipped disc can occur in any part of your spine due to disc degeneration, causing issues due to increased pressure on your nervous system. Symptoms of this can include weakness in your muscles, neck stiffness, numbness in your extremities, tingling sensations, muscle spasms, and more. Symptoms can vary depending on the nature of your disc issue and where it is occurring.

Spinal Decompression as a Treatment Method

At Lorain Injury Center, we make use of several methods to help you feel better. For disc issues, spinal decompression can be an effective method in aiding recovery. When you have a slipped or herniated disc, this can cause your spine's vertebrae to become compressed, putting pressure on the nerves in your back, which can lead to issues with your muscles and nervous system. Spinal decompression helps re-align and loosen your spine's vertebrae, increasing blood flow, reducing pressure, and encouraging healing.

Why Care Is Required

When dealing with a slipped disc, proper care is required to aid in your recovery and reduce the impact of the condition. Without proper care, a severe herniated disc can cause permanent nerve damage. This can lead to issues such as loss of feeling in various parts of the body and a reduction in mobility. Proper care helps prevent permanent damage to your body.

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